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Meet Adam

Principal, Health Talent Group

Here’s the reality – this is the good fight. Our extraordinary country is faced with an unprecedented health battle. Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and the like are hurting our families in a tragic, undeserving way, and the answer is heart-breakingly simple: let’s learn how to eat better.

I joined Rip at Engine 2 in 2009, and have seen our grass-roots, Austin-based organization grow into a force. As more people find the elegant simplicity of adopting a plant-strong lifestyle, or are inspired to learn how to do so, we can be the movement that can influence the future of our nation’s health. Needless to say, we love what we do.

Before Engine 2, I worked for the company that owns the Ironman triathlon, owned a local Austin bike shop, helped President Obama get elected, and went to law school to be a prosecutor. Now, the bad guys I’m fighting are plaque inside your endothelial lining – smaller, but just as nefarious as organized crime.

In my free time, I hang with my wonderful almost-3 year old Tessa, my wife Traci, and our enormous Great Dane, Walker. One of these days I’ll get back into running shape again, too.

The Vision

HTG is a creative agency with three inspired goals:

1)    to bring the stories of compelling and passionate personalities within the nutrition and wellness world’s to a national audience

2)    to create world-class, life-changing educational events to help people learn about the powerful link between diet and health

3)    to support lifestyle change through food coaching and other hands-on services, so that inspired people can more successfully adopt healthy changes